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Cameron “CJCJ” Johns Talks Chiefs, Burgers, and His Notorious Entrance

Cameron ‘CJCJ’ Johns is a well-known figure in the world of Rocket League. With his dramatic entrances and world-class plays, CJCJ has found great success. We had the opportunity to sit down with CJCJ to discuss his career and the future of The Chiefs Esports team:

Where Did it All Start?

CJCJ started playing Rocket League on release day in 2015. He instantly became hooked and started playing the game daily after school. As the game grew in popularity, CJCJ began participating in online tournaments with different teams. In 2017, he found himself on Pale Horse, which took him to his first world championships in Season 4.

Success with Tainted Minds/Icon and Chiefs

CJCJ has experienced great success under the Tainted Minds/Icon banner and now with Chiefs. He never had a concrete plan for his career and believes in living in the moment. Joining Tainted Minds and later Chiefs has been an incredible honor for CJCJ.

The Future of the OCE Region

Despite already having top players in the OCE region, CJCJ believes that more tournaments and support from developers and organizers can motivate more people to compete. If the region is treated seriously like NA/EU, it can achieve global success.

Welcoming Hawk to the Team

Due to a loss of motivation, CJCJ and the team decided to replace one of their teammates, Shadey. They chose Hawk to join the team, as they saw great potential in him. Hawk’s performance in the Dreamhack qualifiers was inspiring, and the team decided to take him to their first international LAN.

A Memorable Entrance

CJCJ’s unique entrance at the Season 5 Worlds was a last-minute idea suggested by a viewer during one of his streams. He wants to create memorable moments for the audience and make the most of playing in front of a large crowd.

A McDonald’s Favorite

When CJCJ visits McDonald’s, he orders a spicy Quarter Pounder Chilli burger with fries and a strawberry or vanilla shake. According to him, the new Quarter Pounder burgers are amazing.

The Future for CJCJ and the Chiefs

Currently, CJCJ and the team are focused on winning in Montreal with Hawk. After that, they will be preparing for the upcoming RLCS season with a new third player, whose announcement will be made soon.

You can follow Cameron ‘CJCJ’ Johns on Twitter and watch him live on Twitch.