Palworld’s most recent update has caused Egg Incubators to malfunction, but a simple solution exists.

By Declan Duffy
A large base being constructed in Palworld, showing many Pals doing work.

Palworld Update Breaks Egg Incubators: Here’s How to Fix It

Palworld players rejoiced on April 4 when the developers launched the substantial v0.2.0.6 update. Unfortunately, it seems like it broke Egg Incubators again, however, there is a fix so you can start hatching Pals once again.

Players Report Issues with Incubating Eggs

Immediately after the Palworld update went live, several players started reporting on Reddit and X that they were unable to incubate certain Eggs, claiming that they can’t use any Incubator built prior to the update. Luckily, the developers quickly addressed the issue and proposed a specific fix for the time being.

“After the v0.2.0.6 update, it has been reported that there is an issue where eggs cannot be placed inside the incubator. We apologize for this inconvenience. The problem can be resolved by rebuilding the incubator,” Palworld’s official profile on X wrote on April 4.

It’s not the first time Incubators have been broken in Palworld, as players have already experienced issues with the feature in the past, especially after hotfixes and other patches. It seems like Pocket Pair is still struggling with this issue.

How to Fix the Egg Incubator Issue

Luckily, rebuilding your Incubators should be a piece of cake, especially if you’re in the mid or late game of Palworld. At this point, you should have enough resources to just set up new ones, though, we know it can be tedious.

Despite the issue, the latest patch introduced a fresh Electric Egg Incubator, which consumes electricity to automatically adjust to the optimum temperature for each egg.

Exciting New Additions in the Latest Update

Other new additions include a new raid boss Bellanoir, buildings like the Summoning Altar and Ore Mining Site, and a bunch of fresh items and ingredients. So, there’s plenty to explore following the Palworld April 4 update.

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