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Inspiring Palworld player builds perfect ‘Anubase’ to inspire reconstruction of old mining camps

The Perfect Spot for Your Secondary Mining Base in Palworld

If you are still yet to build your secondary mining base in Palworld or are just keen on rebuilding the one you have, one player has found the perfect spot for you to consider.

Building Your Anubase for Maximum Productivity

As explained by a player named redial2 on Reddit, building your second base in front of the Anubis Statue in the volcanic region of Palpagos Island gives you access to five crucial ingredients: Wood, Stone, Ore, Sulphur, and Coal. So, instead of building a mining-exclusive site near Desolate Church, you can set up an “Anubase” at coordinates (-555, -625) for the most productive outcome.

Player standing in front of a base in Palworld's volcanic region
This is what it would look like, roughly. Image via u/redial2 on Reddit

Maximizing Your Resources at the Anubase

While the Coal and Ore nodes fall in the base’s area, you must manually farm the Sulphur nodes. It’s only a few meters away, so you don’t have to worry much.

As a cherry on top, you also get access to a Skill Tree at the base of the Anubis statue. Interestingly, besides being able to pluck Skill fruits at regular intervals, redial2 suggests using the Skill Tree as an indicator for chest respawns in Pal Sanctuaries.

“If you do it right when the skill fruits respawn in your base that also means the chests with Bellanoir fragments in the Pal Sanctuaries have also respawned. It takes me about 20 minutes to do a whole loop every 10 in-game days, which by default is 320 minutes,” the player explained.

Considerations and Drawbacks of the Anubase

One drawback of building a Palworld base like redial2’s is you need two Pal Boxes for it, so you have to dismantle more than one base if you have already reached the maximum limit. But it looks like it’s worth the sacrifice. It’s worth shifting your main base to this spot, considering almost everything you need spawns here and nearby.

But best of all, the location is beautiful, so don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity into building the perfect Palworld base.