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How to Obtain Milk in Palworld

How to Find Milk in Palworld

If you’re playing the popular game Palworld and wondering how to obtain milk, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will provide you with simple steps on how to find milk in Palworld.

Check the Pasture Section

To start your search for milk, head over to the pasture area in Palworld. This is where you can find and obtain milk from the livestock present in the game. Keep an eye out for cows, as they are the primary source of milk.

Interact with Cows

Once you have located cows in the pasture, approach them and interact with them to obtain milk. Simply click on the cow, and your character will milk the cow automatically, extracting fresh milk for you to collect.

Use the Milking Item

Another method to obtain milk in Palworld is by using the milking item. You can find this item at various locations in the game. Equip the milking item and approach a cow. Interact with the cow and use the milking item to extract milk from them.


Now that you know how to find milk in Palworld, go out there and start gathering this valuable resource. Whether it’s through interacting with cows or using the milking item, obtaining milk will not be a challenge for you anymore. Enjoy your gaming experience in Palworld!