What does “Super Citizen” mean in Helldivers 2?

By Amelia Heisecke
What does "Super Citizen" mean in Helldivers 2?

What is Super Citizen Status in Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 is an intense cooperative multiplayer game where players fight against an alien invasion. In the game, players can earn a special status called “Super Citizen Status.”

Super Citizen Status is a prestigious achievement that players can obtain by proving their loyalty and dedication to the game’s community. This status is granted to players who consistently contribute to the success of their team and help other players in the helldiving missions.

To achieve Super Citizen Status, players need to focus on teamwork, communication, and strategic gameplay. They should actively take part in the game’s community, offering guidance, tips, and support to fellow players. By doing so, they create a positive and helpful environment within the game.

Once a player attains Super Citizen Status, they will be recognized as an exceptional member of the Helldivers community. This comes with various benefits, such as exclusive in-game rewards, badges, and recognition from other players. It is a way to celebrate and appreciate the individuals who go above and beyond to enhance the Helldivers experience for everyone.

To maintain Super Citizen Status, players must continue to embody the qualities and values that led to their achievement. They should keep supporting their fellow players, actively participating in the community, and promoting a positive gaming atmosphere.

In conclusion, Super Citizen Status in Helldivers 2 is a prestigious achievement that recognizes players who consistently contribute to the game’s community by being helpful, supportive, and engaged. It brings exclusive rewards and recognition, creating a sense of belonging and celebration within the game.

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