Latest Helldivers 2 patch resolves persistent crash issues with arc weapons: Bug zappers online

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Helldivers 2 Patch Restores Arc Weapons After Stability Issues

After a week of concern among players, Helldivers 2 fans can now celebrate—the latest patch brings arc weapons back into the game. The recent stability update has resolved the issues that prevented players from using weapons like the Arc Thrower and Arc Shotgun, allowing them to once again zap bugs like the newest Warbond.

Stability Issues with Arc Weapons:

Since Patch 1.000.103, players have been experiencing crashes and game freezes when using electricity-based arc weaponry in Helldivers 2. This problem affected the Arc Thrower, Arc Shotgun, and Tesla Tower Stratagem since March 20, which was ironic considering the Cutting Edge Warbond theme.

The crashes occurred when the developers added projectiles for the Blitzer shotgun and Arc Thrower Stratagem to the “Shots Fired” counter. This overload of calculations caused the game to crash. Interestingly, the crashes also affected the Tesla Tower Stratagem, while energy-based weapons like the Scorcher remained unaffected. This suggested that something more nefarious was at play.

Player wielding the Arc Thrower in Helldivers 2

Patch 1.000.104 Fixes Arc Weapon Issues:

The latest patch, Patch 1.000.104, which was released on March 26, claims to have resolved all issues with the problematic arc weapons and Stratagems. However, the patch didn’t include any other updates or fixes, much to the annoyance of the community. Players on the patch’s official Reddit post expressed hope for a more comprehensive stability patch to address the crash issues that have been plaguing Helldivers 2 since the introduction of the newest Warbond.

Additional Stability Issues:

Several players encountered other stability issues in Helldivers 2, such as their character getting stuck in an “A-pose” when performing certain actions. Players also reported a persistent Loadout Reset issue on PS5, where they had to recreate their loadout from scratch every time the game started. These issues had been ongoing even before the arc weapon bug, making the patch seem like a rushed response rather than a well-thought-out stability update.

Players Delighted by Patch Restoration:

Despite its limitations, the patch did bring back the ability to use Blitzers and Arc Throwers, which some players affectionately referred to as “Bug Zappers.” It remains to be seen if there are any hidden surprises or additional factions included in the patch, as Arrowhead, the game’s developer, often adds surprises to even minor updates. Players are eagerly keeping an eye out for any new developments and are ready to zap their way through the game.

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