Increase in demand for visible Helldivers 2 supply lines surges amid impending Major Order failure

By Amelia Heisecke
Super Destroyer ftl jumping out of Hellmire

Understanding the Complexity of Helldivers 2 Supply Lines

Ubanea has fallen, and Draupnir must be retaken again. Now that the path to liberate Tibit is further from our grasp, Operation Swift Disassembly failure is imminent. Soon to be on two defeats in a row, Helldivers want answers for Arrowhead’s decision to hide the important Helldivers 2 supply lines.

The Challenge of Major Orders and Unspoken Rules

As Major Orders came and went, the standard to beating them increased. While we all like a challenge, the path to completing every Major Order grew in complexity due to the unspoken rule of the supply lines. These invisible lines, demonstrating how and when planets unlock across the Sol System, can be confusing to those who are simply playing Helldivers 2 for fun. If you want to grab some extra Medals and take part in the community effort to win the Galactic War, then you’ll need to understand how these supply lines work.

A Community in Search of Answers

But the latest Major Orders have repeatedly punished Helldivers for not knowing the necessary steps to complete objectives. This has resulted in Major Order enthusiasts re-evaluating their helldiving. It has also created ongoing discourse in the game’s subreddit, where groups of Helldivers are being blamed for Major Order failures.

The Need for in-game Visibility

You cannot simply go to the nearest planet, liberate it, and expect the Major Order planet to open. Without any clear indication from Helldivers 2 itself, players are forced to visit the official Discord server and Reddit to find answers. There is no right way to play this game, but if Arrowhead wants Helldivers to focus on the Major Order, then the supply lines should be visible in-game at all times.

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