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Community Manager of Helldivers 2 Received A Warning After Suggesting Players Seek Refunds

Sony’s Audacious PSN Move Stirs Controversy in the Helldivers Community

In an unexpected turn of events, Sony’s decision to add account linking to Helldivers 2 on Steam has outraged players. The uproar began when it was announced that this new feature would require players to connect their PSN accounts, essentially limiting access to regions without PlayStation services. Understandably, players rushed to the official Discord server to express their displeasure, resulting in an unexpected twist.

A Community Manager’s Bold Suggestion Generates Backlash

Amidst the chaos, a community manager named Spitz made a bold proposition that piqued the interest of both players and the publisher. Spitz directed impacted players to get refunds from Steam, and even implicitly encouraged them to evaluate Bomb Helldivers 2. This provocative position nearly cost Spitz their job since it presented a perceived conflict of interest. Despite the close call, Spitz managed to maintain their position.

A polarizing figure faces controversy within the Helldivers community.

Prior to the latest incidents, Spitz had gained notoriety for their outspoken demeanor and comments that some found arrogant. This riled up a sizable portion of the Helldivers community, prompting a petition for their resignation. In reaction to the outrage, Spitz apologized and stated that the displeasure would be directed to Helldivers 2’s Steam page rather than internal channels.

The Effects of Spitz’s Controversial Advice

Ironically, Spitz’s suggestion, which almost lost them their jobs, ended up playing a critical role in uniting disgruntled Helldivers players. As the community banded together, Sony took note and ultimately decided to rescind their account connection restriction. This turn of events demonstrated the power of collective action and the influence a community can have.