Fans frustrated after failed Major Order in Helldivers 2 prompts clearer supply lines

By Amelia Heisecke
Fans frustrated after failed Major Order in Helldivers 2 prompts clearer supply lines

Increasing Clarity in Helldivers 2: Supply Lines

After the failure of a major order in Helldivers 2, creative director Johan Pilestedt has acknowledged the need to enhance the visibility of supply lines, an important but often unseen mechanic, for players.

The Importance of Supply Lines in Helldivers 2

The Helldivers 2 community recently suffered a significant setback when they were unable to liberate the planet Ubanea. While some attributed this failure to players who didn’t contribute and focused on other planets, others believe that the developer, Arrowhead Game Studios, failed to effectively communicate the importance of supply lines.

Closed Vandalon IV in Helldivers 2
The lines are there; you just can’t see them. Screenshot by ESN.GG

Improving Supply Line Communication

Many players were unaware of the existence of supply lines in Helldivers 2 until now, primarily due to the lack of information provided by the game. In response to this, the Helldivers Alerts fan account on X (formerly Twitter) has suggested a concept where supply lines are displayed as arrows on the Galactic War map. Interestingly, Arrowhead had a similar idea during development, but it was ultimately discarded due to concerns about cluttering the interface.

Thankfully, it appears that Johan Pilestedt and the team at Arrowhead have taken note of the players’ concerns regarding supply lines and are actively discussing ways to improve their visibility within the game. Whether this means reintroducing their original idea or implementing a different solution remains uncertain. Pilestedt has not provided a timeline for this update, as the team is currently focused on other aspects of Helldivers 2. However, they recently released a patch that addressed certain weapons, missions, and bugs, although it did not fix the crash-inducing snowballs.

Reception and Suggestions

The response from Helldivers 2 players regarding the potential inclusion of visible supply lines has been positive. Many players, such as FL1NTZ on X, have expressed their enthusiasm, considering it a great addition to the game. Additionally, TheColeBrew and Certefied Loner Boi have proposed the idea of a toggle feature that allows players to enable or disable the visibility of supply lines.


Efforts are underway to address the lack of clarity surrounding supply lines in Helldivers 2. Arrowhead Game Studios acknowledges the need for improved communication and is actively exploring ways to make supply lines more visible for players. While the specifics of these changes remain unknown, the community eagerly awaits updates that will enhance their gameplay experience.

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