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Major Order completion leads to emergency as Helldivers 2 planet vanishes into black hole

In Helldivers 2, a major catastrophe rocks Meridia

Attention all Hell Divers. Your efforts on Meridia have resulted in significant success. The Terminid Threat in Helldivers 2 suffered a significant setback when the entire planet was pulled into a wormhole. Many Hell Divers were transported to Super Earth, leaving players wondering what had transpired.

Forced evacuation and its aftermath

On June 2, after completing the Major Order “Operation: Enduring Peace” in Helldivers 2, Super Earth’s population were compelled to evacuate the planet. When they returned to the Galactic War Hub, they heard an important message from Super Earth HQ. The planet was dragged into a black hole, “attracting every Terminid spore within several billion kilometers.” The planet is no longer accessible for diving, making it the first to be demolished. You can still visit the black hole that once housed Meridia, but the Galactic War Table has issued a “Retreat Order.” Finding a task while orbiting the black hole merely transports you to a nearby planet, like Oshaune.

The Bug-Filled Operation

Operation: Enduring Peace caused issues for both the Helldivers 2 development team and players. A hotfix has to be released to avoid spawning on top of critical places during the quest. Many players reported receiving little to no credit for completing the main objective flawlessly, a glitch that was not addressed after the rapid update. However, the terrible mess finished far faster than many players expected, with the final 40 percent falling within a few hours, according to some players. The Black Hole could have been an in-universe solution to a mission that was causing everyone problems.

Speculation and Theories

Of course, such a cataclysmic occurrence generated a lot of press. Players were fortunate to document the historic retreat, as shown in this post by u/interjessing-salary. Commenters on the post are plenty of speculations about what really happened on Meridia, including one player who claims their Democracy Officer told them they breached the chain of command to “defend Super Earth’s investment” in your Super Destroyer. Further comments on a thread captioned “What in liberty’s name did we just do?” by u/wh1msyofficial stoked the interest even more. Players speculate that this is a “gateway for new guests,” similar to the rumored Illuminate group. Others wished it had been Hellmire instead—and we undoubtedly agree. However, many Helldivers 2 players agree that this event was quite cool and demonstrated Arrowhead Studios’ continuous ability to impress gamers with game-changing events.

Now we just need to wait for the Meridia Memorial Cape.

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