Developers of Helldivers 2 shed light on the delay in deploying bug fixes

By Amelia Heisecke

The Development Team of Helldivers 2 Breaks Down Bug Fixes

The Helldivers 2 development team has been hard at work, keeping up with their immense success since the game launched in early February. As the team remains hard at work, they opened up recently about why tackling some bugs takes longer than other tasks.

In the official Helldivers 2 Discord server, Spitz, a community manager at Arrowhead Games Studio, shared some insight regarding many bugs and complications players continue to encounter. Spitz’s thoughts were shared in the troubleshooting and the general chat categories, offering a better idea of why these issues were not tackled sooner or weren’t immediately handled by team members. It’s also a stark reminder of how much success Helldivers 2 has given the team and how they’re trying to manage it properly.

Bugs are not the only issues the Helldivers 2 team is attempting to battle against. Screenshot by ESN.GG

“Most of the bugs in the known issues list in #patch-notes-updates are actively being worked on, but they’re either large fixes that require a bit of time or low-priority issues behind other things, and most should be patched in the next major build. It’s difficult to maintain our cadence of one warbond per-month while also fixing major technical glitches in time for the next patch,” Spitx wrote.

Spitz offered insight into why the Helldivers 2 team didn’t immediately handle glitches or issues with in-game bugs. Screenshot by ESN.GG

As many might expect, it all boils down to the Helldivers 2 developer needing a bigger team. It’s a stark reminder of what happened during the first and second weekends following the game’s release, where Arrowhead shared that the servers had too many players on them, and only a set number could get on at a time. Now, though, the team has been able to adjust for this and can accommodate a much larger player base, but it took time to get there.

The same happens with these bugs and glitches Helldivers 2 players continue to encounter. It’s not that the developer team is ignoring them. It boils down to the developers needing more resources to devote enough hours in the limited hours of a working week to get them done while also getting ready for the upcoming Warbond with enhanced weapons, armor, and cosmetics.

If you’re dealing with a current bug or issue in Helldivers 2, check out the official Discord page to ensure the Arrowhead team is aware of it. If they are, they’re likely working on it. But don’t expect any changes until the next major update for the game. It’s not that the team is ignoring it. They’re trying to get it fixed, alongside their immense success and meeting the expectations of their worldwide audience. It’s a small team doing their best with the resources they have, and they’re continuing to work hard to get things right, which is all we can ask in the name of democracy.

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