Significant Drop in Twitch Views for Apex Legends, While Fortnite Maintains Consistency

By Arjun Nair

Apex Legends Sees Significant Drop in Twitch Views in Second Month

The highly anticipated game, Apex Legends, had a strong start on Twitch when it launched in February. However, it experienced a significant decline in views in March.

According to a report from StreamElements, Apex lost around 75 percent of its Twitch views in its second month, while Fortnite remained consistent. The report compared the two battle royale giants over a span of six weeks.

During its second week, Apex reached its peak with over 40 million hours of views on Twitch. However, the viewership steadily declined, reaching nearly 10 million hours by the week of March 11.

On the other hand, Fortnite maintained its dominance with approximately 20 million hours of views throughout both February and March. This suggests that players are quickly losing interest in Apex, despite its initial success for EA and Respawn Entertainment.

Fortnite did experience a drop in total Twitch views below 100 million hours for the month of February, which is unusual for the game. This decline in viewership is likely influenced by the launch of Apex.

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