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Fortnite Introduces Stink Bomb, New LTM, and Rocket Launcher Tweaks in Latest Update

Fortnite Servers Go Down as Epic Games Prepares for Update 4.4

Fortnite players are in for some exciting changes as Epic Games gets ready to launch the game’s new 4.4 update. However, this means that Fortnite’s servers are currently down.

Introducing the Stink Bomb

The highlight of the 4.4 update is the brand new Stink Bomb item, which has been described in the patch notes. This Epic rarity item releases a “stinky cloud” that deals five damage every half-second to players within the cloud.

Changes to the Rocket Launcher

This week’s patch notes also include significant changes to the rocket launcher. The reload time for the different rarities has been increased. For example, the reload speed for the Rare version has been increased from 2.3 seconds to 2.8 seconds.

New Limited Time Mode: Final Fight: Teams of 20

In addition to the Stink Bomb and rocket launcher changes, the update introduces a new limited time mode called Final Fight: Teams of 20. This mode is similar to the regular Teams of 20 mode, but with a twist. The storm stops pushing after the third circle, and a countdown timer begins. Teams fight until the timer expires, and the team with the most players remaining at the end wins the game.

Players can expect Fortnite’s servers to be back up and running in the next few hours. Once the update is live, they can experience all these changes firsthand.