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Accidental Update in Final Fantasy 7 Revamp Disrupts Platinum Trophy Achievement

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Patch 1.02 Introduces Game-Breaking Bug

The recent patch 1.02 for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has unfortunately brought with it a bug that is preventing players from progressing in a specific quest. As a result, obtaining the platinum trophy has become impossible.

Quest Bug Reported by Reddit User

A Reddit user named A0704 reported the bug on the Final Fantasy VII subreddit, explaining that they were unable to complete the Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop quest in FF7 Rebirth. This quest involves completing six mini-games, one of which is the G-bike race on expert mode. Normally, this mini-game is the easiest of the six, but after installing patch 1.02, players are unable to make progress after completing it.

Cloud is riding a G-bike while fighting a Shinra Trooper
This mini-game is bugged as of patch 1.02. Screenshot by ESN.GG

Impact on Platinum Trophy Progress

In order to earn the My Job Here is Done trophy, which is necessary for obtaining the platinum trophy, players must complete the Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop quest. If you are actively working towards the platinum trophy, it is advisable to wait for a hotfix unless you have already achieved the My Job Here is Done trophy before the patch was released. Alternatively, you may choose to hold off on installing the patch until the issue is resolved.

Await the Hotfix

Considering the size and complexity of FF7 Rebirth, as well as the time it takes to unlock the Platinum trophy, it’s understandable that this bug may cause frustration for players. However, given the game’s initial success and positive reviews, it is likely that Square Enix will release a hotfix in the near future to address this issue. Until then, it is recommended to avoid attempting the bugged quest.

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