Apex’s Latest Legend Revamps Urban Assault Trailer, Generating Excitement Among Fans

By Arjun Nair

Apex Legends Season 21: Alter Takes the Stage

A new character is making waves in the Apex Legends universe, and fans are buzzing with excitement. In the latest Urban Assault trailer, Alter, the rumored season 21 character, can be seen making her mark on the Apex Rumble standings.

At 39 seconds into the trailer, Fuse’s name is replaced by Alter’s at the top of the leaderboard, accompanied by a green cartoon devil logo that seemingly represents her. Interestingly, the same logo also appears over Lifeline’s face at four seconds into the trailer and over Octane’s face at the very end.

The shade of green used in Alter’s logo has caught the attention of fans, as it shares similarities with the green hues seen in the skies of various Apex maps this week. Additionally, fans have discovered that the enigmatic laugh heard at the end of the Urban Assault trailer belongs to Alter, further fueling speculation about her abilities and role in the game.

Given the previous leaks surrounding Alter, these details align with what fans have already uncovered. It appears that Alter is an interdimensional traveler and trickster with a unique ability to phase, reminiscent of Wraith.

“Alter’s laugh at the end is sick af,” said Squirtz, an avid Apex player and content creator. “So hyped for her.” Others have noted the similarities between Alter’s teaser and previous promotional material featuring Crypto, with some even suggesting that Alter’s teaser is even better. It seems like Alter’s interdimensional abilities give her an edge over other legends in the game.

While some fans expressed concerns about Alter potentially being an annoying legend due to her laugh, the majority are simply thrilled about the arrival of a new character in Apex Legends. Season 20 focused on introducing gameplay mechanics and upgrades, leaving fans hungry for fresh content. With Alter’s impending arrival, excitement levels are through the roof, and players can’t wait to get their hands on her.

The Urban Assault event will launch in Apex Legends on April 23 and run until May 7. This event is expected to bridge the gap between season 20 and season 21, making it the perfect opportunity for Alter to make her grand entrance.

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