‘Apex Players Express Outrage over Shadow Society’s “Gacha” Mechanic, Calling it a Literal Gamble’

By Arjun Nair
'Apex Players Express Outrage over Shadow Society's "Gacha" Mechanic, Calling it a Literal Gamble'

Apex’s Latest Collection Event Faces Criticism for Gacha Mechanic

Apex’s latest collection event, Shadow Society, has been released, offering new legend and weapon cosmetics, as well as the first-ever Artifact heirloom weapon. However, the event’s limited-time shop has already come under fire for its method of obtaining event items.

Community Criticism over Gacha Mechanic

Players have taken to social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter to heavily criticize the ‘gacha’ mechanic associated with the event packs and all obtainable skins and items. This marks the first time in Apex’s history that event items cannot be obtained with Apex coins or Crafting Materials. Instead, players must rely on luck to obtain their favorite skin in the collection as these items will randomly drop from event packs earned or purchased during the event.

One disgruntled Apex player expressed their reluctance to spend money on event packs for a chance at obtaining their desired skin. This sentiment is shared by many in the community who believe that the event shop leaves players at the mercy of luck, forcing them to buy more packs in hopes of getting their favorite item.

Limited Access to Event Items

The Shadow Society shop operates solely on the event packs system. Players can only obtain up to three packs for free through weekly rewards, while additional packs must be purchased with Apex coins or Crafting Materials at an inflated price.

With a total of 36 items in the collection shop, Shadow Society ties with the recent Final Fantasy Rebirth Takeover as the biggest collection event. Both events feature the universal Heirloom as a potential one percent drop for each event pack opened, with the Death Box as the full-collection reward.

Expensive Limited-Time Shop

Collectors who wish to acquire all the items in Shadow Society or obtain the universal Heirloom face spending up to $360 by only buying event packs. This makes Shadow Society the most expensive limited-time shop in Apex’s history.

The Final Fantasy Rebirth Takeover faced similar criticism due to the massive price inflation for event skins. However, players had the option to purchase Iconic tier skins with Apex coins, providing a chance for players to collect enough resources through the battle pass and event tracker to buy their favorite cosmetics directly.

Concerns about Future Collection Events

Due to the absence of a direct purchasing option in the Shadow Society shop, the majority of Apex players are reluctant to buy skins. Many fear that Respawn’s decision to make ‘gacha’ gambling the sole method of obtaining event items sets a dangerous precedent for future collection events.

Currently, the only way to acquire the skins through conventional means is by residing in Belgium. The Belgium Gaming Commission ruled that loot boxes constitute gambling, and as a result, Belgian Apex accounts must have a direct purchasing option available.

Hope for a Resolution

Despite the widespread negative feedback regarding the Shadow Society shop, players are hopeful that Respawn will respond quickly to address the situation. The dev team has received praise for their increased social media presence and responsiveness to past gameplay and event issues in Season 20.

With Shadow Society running until April 16, the community’s criticism may influence Respawn to reconsider the new Apex shop system before the event concludes.

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