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New Apex Legends trailer introduces scary new legend, Alter

The Mysterious Alter Joins Apex Legends

The latest addition to Apex Legends is Alter, a mysterious and deadly assassin who has captured the attention of players everywhere. In a new trailer, Alter reveals that she was trained to be an expert killer by her former employers, only to be betrayed and left to fend for herself. Her past is shrouded in mystery, as she spins different tales to those who ask her the simple question: Who are you?

The Enigmatic Background of Alter

The Gameplay Reveal and Fan Speculation

While Alter’s abilities remain a mystery, players have caught glimpses of her mechanical tail that she uses in combat. With her agility and enigmatic persona, Alter is sure to shake up the battlefield in Apex Legends. Fans are eagerly awaiting her kit reveal and the new content coming in season 21.

Speculation and Anticipation

As Alter continues to intrigue players with her cryptic identity and unmatched skills, the Apex Legends community is buzzing with excitement for what she will bring to the game. Stay tuned for more updates on Alter and the upcoming season.