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Apex Legends Players Receive Free Apex Packs After Account Reset Problems

Free Apex Packs as Compensation for Account Issues

After Apex Legends players experienced account issues during a weekly reset on April 2, Respawn has decided to offer an apology in the form of free Apex Packs for the entire community. This gesture comes as the issues have started to subside, and it aims to thank everyone for their patience throughout the data outage and recovery process.

How to Claim Your Free Apex Packs

Regardless of whether you were directly affected by the account issues or not, you can claim your compensation by simply logging into Apex at any time prior to 12pm CT on April 24. By doing so, you will receive eight free Apex Packs to enjoy. This is Respawn’s way of compensating players for the inconveniences they faced.

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Free packs for all. Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Scope of the Account Resets

The account resets on April 2 affected not just a small group of players, but a significant number of Apex Legends players. Dozens of reports were quickly confirmed by Respawn, with players losing heirlooms, badges, and progression. While some of the damage was resolved through a rollback on April 3, it took until a patch on April 8 to fix certain aspects, such as ranked badges. The situation even led to the delay of the second ranked split in season 20. However, the issues now seem to be stabilizing.

Improvements in Apex Legends

Apart from addressing the account reset issues, Respawn has been actively working on resolving other struggles in Apex Legends as well. The same hotfix that fixed the mismatched ranked badges also implemented party restrictions in the ranked playlist. This move aims to prevent cheaters from sabotaging high-end lobbies, which had become a recurring issue reported by many players and content creators.

A Positive Sign for Apex Legends

While eight Apex Packs may not completely eliminate the negative sentiment surrounding the game in the past month, it does speak to Respawn’s belief that the majority of the recent bugs and cheater problems are now behind them. Whether you have been following the game closely or not, it is highly recommended to log in and claim your free loot as a show of support and to enjoy the game’s latest improvements.

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