G2 triumph over resilient Futbolist at EMEA VCT Last Chance Qualifier, inching closer to Champions

G2 Esports Struggles at EMEA VCT Last Chance Qualifier

The recent EMEA VCT Last Chance Qualifier proved to be a reality check for G2 Esports, much to the surprise of VALORANT fans. G2 faced a tough challenge due to an unfavorable map selection, as they found themselves playing on their two least-played maps, Icebox and Breeze. This gave their opponents, Futbolist, a chance to exploit their weakness and almost score an upset victory.

Futbolist Nearly Pulls off Upset

In the matchup against Futbolist, G2 managed to secure a decisive win on Icebox with a score of 13-7. However, the following match on Breeze turned into a closely fought battle that lasted for over an hour and 42 rounds. Despite showing potential, Futbolist made a few mistakes, allowing G2 to ultimately come out on top.

G2’s Comeback on Ascent

G2’s experience and determination allowed them to regroup and dominate on the third and final map, Ascent. Their impressive performance with a score of 13-2 brought them one step closer to qualifying for VALORANT’s end-of-year world championship.

Next Steps for G2 and Futbolist

With this victory, G2 will advance to the upper bracket final on Oct. 16, where they will face the winner of Guild Esports and Team Liquid. Futbolist, on the other hand, will compete against SuperMassive Blaze in the lower bracket earlier in the day.

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