Fortnite Island Awakens with mystical spheres, runes, and radiant beams of light

Fortnite: Battle Royale Reveals Three New Runes on the Island

Three pedestals with different colored runes have recently appeared on the Fortnite: Battle Royale island. Each pedestal emits a beam of light and is located in different regions of the map. These pedestals manifested about 24 hours after the discovery of the second Loot Lake rune. The runes on the pedestals are engraved with the fidget spinner symbol in purple, red, and green colors.

When attempting to strike these pedestals, they will lose 50 shield points, but no health bar is displayed. Striking the runes causes them to rotate, with the goal likely being to align all the beams to one location.

The Purple, Red, and Green Spheres

The first pedestal is situated on a hill north of Pleasant Park and has a purple rune. Its beam points westward and stops at the Haunted Hills mountain. The second pedestal, with a red rune, is located on a small hill east of Polar Peak and also points westward, ending at the massive iceberg that houses the Ice Castle. The final pedestal is on top of the volcano, with its beam also pointing westward towards the horizon.

It is highly likely that these three spheres are connected to the activation of the second rune at Loot Lake. When the beams intersect, it is expected that the second rune will activate and reveal a third rune on the metal plate above the hatch. Previously, the first rune connected to the structure after traversing the entire island.

What’s Next?

As of now, players have not yet discovered the consequences of activating all five runes. This is likely tied to the season eight finale, where activating all the runes may lead to the opening of the hatch and the revelation of its contents. We anticipate further developments regarding the runes and the season eight climax in the coming days.

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