Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations Revealed

Fortnite’s Second Birthday Challenges and Cake Locations

Epic Games has released special challenges for Fortnite’s second birthday, allowing players to unlock cosmetic items. Two of these challenges involve finding birthday cakes scattered across the Fortnite island.

In the first challenge, players must dance or use any emote in front of all 10 cakes. In the second challenge, players need to recover 50 health or shield by eating slices of cake that surround these larger cakes. Each slice recovers five health points, so players will need to eat a total of 10 slices.

To complete these challenges, players can interact with birthday cakes in any standard or limited-time mode, except for Creative or Playground. This means even modes like Team Rumble can be used to make progress. It might be a good strategy to play Team Rumble matches, as respawning is enabled, providing more opportunities to eat cake and dance in front of the cakes.

While all 10 cakes are located near points of interest, not all of the points of interest have cakes. To find the cake locations and plan your route, refer to the map provided below.

All Cake Locations

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