Fnatic’s Selfmade claims to be one of Europe’s top jungle talents

Fnatic’s Star Jungler Selfmade Shows Confidence After Victory at Worlds 2020

Fnatic’s star jungler, Selfmade, expressed his confidence after his team’s impressive victory against Gen.G in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. Selfmade, considered one of the best junglers from Europe, has gained recognition for his aggressive playstyle and consistent performances, making him a key player in the current League meta. In a recent interview with , Selfmade himself acknowledged that he is one of the best representatives of the region.

In the game against Gen.G, Fnatic’s team play, particularly the aggressive Leona playstyle of support player Hylissang, played a crucial role in their success, according to Selfmade. With Selfmade’s presence in the bottom lane, Fnatic’s bot lane duo, Rekkles and Hylissang, dominated Gen.G’s Ruler and Life through multiple tower dives, draining their early-game power.

Selfmade expressed his enjoyment of the game, stating, “It was a pretty fun game. I was laughing a lot, enjoying it, and now I’m just happy with the victory.” This playstyle aligns well with Fnatic’s strengths, given that the current meta heavily emphasizes the jungle and support positions.

However, Selfmade has bigger aspirations than just winning the Worlds title. He aims to showcase his true talent in the jungle and the significant impact he can have as one of the strongest players in League. “I’m pretty much one of the best junglers to ever represent Europe,” he confidently stated.

Upcoming Match against TSM

With a 2-1 record in Group C at Worlds 2020, Fnatic will be facing off against North America’s TSM on October 10 at 3 AM CT.

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