First squad eliminated from VCT Champions 2023, the only team to defeat Fnatic in VALORANT all year.

Team Liquid’s VALORANT Roster Stumbles at VCT Champions 2023

Team Liquid’s highly anticipated VALORANT roster failed to deliver at VCT Champions 2023, losing to LOUD in a one-sided match. This unexpected outcome has given renewed hope to LOUD’s Brazilian fan base.

Before the tournament, Liquid was considered a strong contender to make it into the playoffs. They had previously won the EMEA League and were the only team to defeat Fnatic, Europe’s top squad. Despite a disappointing performance at Masters Tokyo, Liquid’s supporters had high hopes for a successful run in Los Angeles.

However, in today’s match, Liquid crumbled under the dominant performance of LOUD, the defending champions. LOUD convincingly won the first map with a 13-2 score, showcasing exceptional teamwork and individual skill from every player.

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The second map was more closely contested, but LOUD displayed remarkable coordination, tactical prowess, and outstanding performances from Cauan “cauanzin” Pereira and Arthur “tuyz” Vieira, who collectively secured 57 kills. LOUD’s effective use of utility prevented Liquid from executing their strategies on both maps.

On the other hand, Liquid struggled to find their momentum throughout the series. Their lack of coordination and unsuccessful team compositions resulted in players often being caught off-guard while attempting risky moves. They repeatedly faced strong defenses from LOUD and failed to devise effective strategies.

Despite doubts about LOUD’s performance at Champions due to rumored internal issues, their victory against Liquid proves that they have regained their competitive form. As the reigning champions, LOUD aims to defend their title and surprise everyone with an extraordinary run at the tournament.

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