Finding and Capturing Blazehowl in Palworld – A Guide

How to Find and Catch Blazehowl in Palworld

Palworld, a popular online multiplayer game, offers players the opportunity to explore a vibrant virtual world filled with creatures called Palmons. Among these fantastic creatures is Blazehowl, a highly sought-after and powerful Palmon. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to find and catch Blazehowl in Palworld.

Step 1: Explore Volcanic Biomes

Blazehowl is predominantly found in volcanic biomes within Palworld. These biomes consist of lava-filled landscapes, charred trees, and scorching heat. As you embark on your journey, make sure to venture into these areas with caution. Keep an eye out for red-hot, fiery hints, as these indicate the presence of Blazehowl nearby.

Step 2: Utilize Palmon Tracking Devices

Equipping yourself with Palmon tracking devices will significantly increase your chances of finding Blazehowl. These devices have a unique capability to pinpoint the locations of specific Palmons in the vicinity. Ensure you have at least one tracking device in your inventory before setting out on your hunt for Blazehowl.

Step 3: Set Traps with Palmon Bait

Once you have identified the presence of Blazehowl using the tracking device, it’s time to set traps. Select a suitable location near the fiery indications and prepare your trap. To lure Blazehowl into the trap, use Palmon bait specifically formulated to attract it. Keep in mind that using bait designed for other Palmons may not yield the desired results.

Step 4: Engage in a Capture Battle

When Blazehowl falls into the trap, it will trigger a capture battle. This is a critical moment that requires your active participation. Engage Blazehowl in a tactical battle using your own Palmons. Utilize their unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses to gain the upper hand. Be patient and strategize to maximize your chances of successfully capturing Blazehowl.

By following these steps, you increase your odds of finding and capturing Blazehowl, the formidable Palmon, in Palworld. Remember to explore volcanic biomes, utilize tracking devices, set traps with appropriate bait, and engage in capture battles. Good luck on your quest to add Blazehowl to your Palmon collection!

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