EXCEL Patrik shares foolproof strategies for winning ranked games with this LoL champion

League of Legends Players Prepare for the Second Split of Ranked Season

The second split of the League of Legends ranked season is set to begin on July 19, at 12pm CT. As players gear up for the new season, they are looking for the perfect champion to climb the ranks. Meanwhile, LEC pros are adapting to the new meta and strategizing with the aim of reaching the Playoffs of the Summer Split.

One player, EXCEL’s AD carry Patrik, has shared his top pick champions for climbing the ranks this Summer.

Ashe: A Strategic Pick for Climbing the Ranks

During a game against SK Gaming, Patrik chose Ashe as his champion to secure a spot in the LEC Summer Split Playoffs. While Ashe has been a popular pick in other regions such as LCK, LPL, and even LCS this Summer, her poor performances in the new meta have dampened expectations. However, Patrik believes in Ashe’s potential.

According to OP.GG statistics, Ashe’s popularity has risen after receiving buffs in patch 13.12. She is now among the top five most picked ad carries in ranked. At certain ranks, her win rate is second only to Kai’Sa, who is still considered the best pick among professionals.

Ashe vs. Kai’Sa: A Question of Complexity

Patrik describes Ashe as an easier champion to master compared to Kai’Sa. With Ashe, players simply need to focus on basic attacking and understanding who is dying and who is not. Additionally, Ashe’s E ability, Hawkshot, provides valuable vision for the team and is a game-changer for junglers.

Aphelios: The Secret Pick for Climbing the Ranks

If Ashe and Kai’Sa are unavailable due to bans or picks, Patrik recommends Aphelios as a hidden gem for climbing the ranks. Despite being nerfed in patch 13.13, Aphelios remains a popular choice among both casual and professional players. Although his early game is weaker now, he excels in the mid-to-late game and deals significant damage.

As the second split of the ranked season begins, Patrik and EXCEL will continue fighting for a chance to reach the LEC Summer Finals. They have already secured a place in the playoffs and are just one match away from securing a top two spot this split. The LEC returns on July 22nd at 11am CT.

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