Betby Introduces Custom Leagues, Expanding Branding Opportunities in Esports

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Betby Launches Custom Leagues for Unique Esports Branding

Betby, a sports betting provider, has introduced customized tournaments that allow operators to showcase the Betby.Games football tournament with their own brand identity. This innovative offering allows for full customization, helping brands stand out in the competitive esports market and create a memorable experience for audiences.

Creating a Personalized Esports Experience

Every element of the virtual stadium and team presentation can be personalized to reflect the client’s brand vision and values. This includes customizing the stadium sidelines, stands, and spectators with branding banners, selecting colors and styles for uniforms and logos, and even naming teams and designing their logos. Additionally, individual players can have custom avatars created within each team.

A Distinctive Product That Reflects Brand Identity

Kirill Nekrasov, Product Owner at Betby, believes that the introduction of custom leagues will transform the esports sector. This offering gives clients exclusive rights and allows them to shape their esports presence to match their brand identity. Each league is unique and reflects the brand’s ethos, providing a standout esports product that enhances recognition in the esports arena.


Betby’s launch of custom leagues opens up new branding possibilities in the esports industry. With full customization options, operators can create a distinctive and memorable esports experience that aligns with their brand’s vision and values.

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