Rabbitohs and Bulldogs Vow to Continue Combatting Sports Betting Advertising

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South Sydney Rabbitohs and Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs Extend Partnership with Reclaim the Game Initiative

Fans of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, and the NRL will now be able to enjoy more games with less sports betting advertising. This is all thanks to the extended partnerships with the New South Wales government’s Reclaim the Game initiative. Both clubs have committed to continue their partnership for another three years.

These extensions come after two successful years of partnering with Reclaim the Game. During this time, both clubs have made significant contributions towards changing attitudes towards sports betting in their respective communities.

According to the 2023 Reclaim the Game survey, Rabbitohs and Bulldogs supporters are now much more aware of where to seek support for gambling-related issues. This shows that the partnerships have been effective in increasing awareness and providing information about GambleAware services. Around one in three Rabbitohs and Bulldogs supporters are now aware of the dedicated website and helpline.

In their efforts to combat betting advertising, both clubs have agreed not to display betting ads at their home games. They will also promote Reclaim the Game through their communication channels and continue to educate players, staff, and fans about the risks of gambling.

The Rabbitohs and Bulldogs will face each other on Friday, March 29 at Accor Stadium Homebush.

Reclaim the Game is a program launched by the New South Wales government in 2020 and has been immensely successful. It now has eleven partners across five codes, including AFL, A-League, cricket, NBL, and NRL. Through this initiative, millions of people have been reached through more than 260 games, both on television and in stadiums. For more information, visit: www.gambleaware.nsw.gov.au/resources-and-education/awareness-campaigns/reclaim-the-game.

If you or someone you know needs support or advice, please call GambleAware on 1800 858 858 for free and confidential help and support 24/7.

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Director of the Office of Responsible Gambling Praises the Clubs’ Efforts

Alison Parkinson, the Director of the Office of Responsible Gambling, highlighted the significance of the Rabbitohs’ and Bulldogs’ commitment to tackle the issue of gambling harm. NRL games draw huge crowds and receive extensive media coverage, making them highly intertwined with betting advertising and sponsorships. This increases the risk of gambling harm among fans. The Rabbitohs and Bulldogs have been pioneers in reducing the saturation of betting ads in the NRL and making game days more family-friendly.

Parkinson emphasized the influence of family traditions in shaping support for a club and attitudes towards gambling. The commitment shown by the Rabbitohs and Bulldogs in addressing this issue is commendable. It helps bring attention to the potential harms that gambling can cause individuals, families, and society as a whole.

Positive Reactions from the Clubs’ CEOs

Blake Solly, the Chief Executive Officer for the South Sydney Rabbitohs, expressed his excitement about extending their partnership with Reclaim the Game. The club shares the initiative’s commitment to being part of a positive social movement. They are determined to challenge the idea that gambling is a normal part of sports.

Aaron Warburton, the Chief Executive Officer for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, reflected on their unique partnership with Reclaim the Game in 2022. He expressed pride in challenging the notion that betting is a normal part of the game. The Bulldogs firmly believe that rugby league is a captivating sporting experience that should be enjoyed without constant advertising from sports betting companies. They encourage fans to focus on the contests, rivalries, and skills that make the game so attractive.

Through their continued partnership with Reclaim the Game, the Rabbitohs and Bulldogs aim to create a more responsible and enjoyable sports environment for their fans.


The extended partnerships between the South Sydney Rabbitohs, Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, and the New South Wales government’s Reclaim the Game initiative bring positive changes to the NRL. Fans can now experience more games with reduced sports betting advertising. The clubs’ commitment to not displaying betting ads, promoting Reclaim the Game, and educating their community about gambling risks reflects their dedication to creating a family-friendly sports environment.

The success of Reclaim the Game extends beyond these partnerships, reaching millions of people through various sporting codes. It continues to promote awareness and support for responsible gambling practices.

For more information about Reclaim the Game and the resources available, visit www.gambleaware.nsw.gov.au. Remember, if you or someone you know needs help or advice for gambling-related concerns, call GambleAware at 1800 858 858 for free and confidential support 24/7.

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