Is Pursuing a Career as an Esports Athlete a Beneficial Choice for Students?

By Saloni Sehmi

Is a Career in Gaming a Viable Option for Students?

The esports industry is experiencing rapid global growth according to recent reports. This means that playing video games is no longer just a waste of time, as individuals can now earn a decent amount of money through gaming. As a result, the scope of building a career within the esports industry is promising.

Is Being an Esports Athlete a Good Career Choice?

Yes, it can be a good career option for students. However, there are some key considerations to keep in mind.

Studying is Important

Completing at least a high school education or obtaining a college degree is important in today’s competitive job market. If you want to pursue a gaming career without a degree, it is still possible, but it is recommended to combine gaming with your studies. Dedicate enough time to both and focus on quality in order to stand out.

Challenges in the Nepal Esports Scenario

In Nepal, the esports industry is still in its early stages and faces many challenges. The lack of awareness about esports among parents, who come from a generation without much internet exposure, is one major hurdle. However, with increasing globalization, the scenario is expected to change in the coming years. In the meantime, consistency is key if you want to pursue a gaming career while studying.

Don’t Listen to Society

Parents might worry about their children pursuing a gaming career due to societal pressure and judgment. However, it is important to convince your parents by showcasing your skills and dedication. If you can prove that you are capable of succeeding in gaming, you are mature enough to make your own decisions.

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