Fairplay Exchange chosen as sponsor for Stephen Hendry’s Cue Tips

By Saloni Sehmi
Fairplay Exchange chosen as sponsor for Stephen Hendry’s Cue Tips

Fairplay Exchange Teams Up with Stephen Hendry for New Snooker Challenge Series

Fairplay Exchange, the cashless betting app, has partnered with snooker legend Stephen Hendry to sponsor a new challenge series on his YouTube channel, Stephen Hendry’s Cue Tips.

Stephen Hendry is one of the most accomplished snooker players in history, with a record-breaking career that includes seven World Championship titles, 18 Triple Crown titles, and 36 ranking titles. He also held the top spot in the world rankings for 471 weeks.

The new series will feature Stephen competing against other snooker players and sports figures in a variety of challenges to test their skills and technique. The first episode showcases a thrilling snooker skills battle between Stephen and three-time world snooker champion Mark Williams. You can watch the episode here.

Fairplay Exchange launched in April 2023 and has quickly gained a dedicated audience of sports enthusiasts. The app allows users to make real-money wagers with their friends, ensuring that winnings are paid out in a timely manner without the hassle of collecting cash from peers.

Billy Gowing, Co-founder and Managing Director of Fairplay Exchange, expressed delight in sponsoring this new series on Stephen Hendry’s Cue Tips channel. As snooker is one of the app’s most popular sports, this partnership is a perfect fit and presents exciting opportunities for both parties.

Stephen Hendry, in his role as host, emphasized the appeal of Fairplay Exchange for players in snooker clubs who enjoy friendly wagers. The platform provides a convenient and reliable way for players to bet on casual snooker games, eliminating the need to chase each other for payments.

This partnership marks an exciting collaboration and promises an entertaining series for snooker enthusiasts.

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