Enhancing Early Game Farming Skills: A Guide

Improving Your ADC Farming in League of Legends

Welcome to our League of Legends how-to guide! If you enjoy playing the ADC role, this article is perfect for you. Today, we will discuss one of the most crucial aspects of the game: farming. Farming plays a significant role in determining your success in League of Legends, so let’s dive in and discover how you can improve your farming skills in the early game.

Understanding Farming in League of Legends

Farming in League of Legends refers to the act of killing enemy minions and monsters to earn gold and improve your performance. It is a crucial skill that can grant you dominance over the enemy team. The more successful you are at farming, the easier it becomes to approach and threaten their turrets. Additionally, your performance and access to powerful items depend on successful farming.

When and How to Farm in League of Legends

If you aspire to climb the ranks of the best League of Legends players, it’s essential to hone your farming skills. Farming not only helps you gather gold but also grants you experience (XP) and increases your overall CS score. Aim to have a higher CS score than your laning opponent as it allows you to purchase important items earlier, strengthening your champion’s presence in the lane.

A technique commonly used by experienced players is the “last hit” method, where you only deliver the final blow to minions. This way, you secure the gold while conserving your resources. With better items, your champion becomes more dominant, allowing you to win trades against the enemy champion. Alternatively, a low CS score makes your champion vulnerable to enemy attacks, hindering your ability to regain strength and putting you at risk of feeding the opposing team.

To ensure a high CS score, focus on managing minion waves effectively. Different champions require different wave management strategies. Some champions freeze the wave, while others prefer to push it aggressively. Studying wave management techniques will greatly benefit your farming skills. Additionally, learn to last hit minions under the turret. This can be challenging, but with practice, you’ll be able to secure the gold even when the turret is involved.

If you are playing as a support, it’s crucial to assist your ADC in killing minions. Hit the enemy minions a few times before your ADC delivers the last hit, making it easier for them to secure the gold.

Paying attention to the enemy jungler is also vital for successful farming. Keep an eye on their movements and place Vision Wards to gather information. If the enemy jungler is far away, you can play more aggressively and start pressuring their turret. However, be cautious and avoid unnecessary risks because each death sets you back and hinders your CS growth.

Experiment with different champions to find the ones that suit your farming style the best. While some champions have innate farming advantages, it ultimately depends on the player’s skill and tactics. Broaden your champion pool to handle various situations and improve your overall gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Farming is a skill that every aspiring League of Legends player must master. By effectively killing minions and monsters, you earn gold and increase your CS score, granting you an advantage over your opponents. Take the time to study tutorials on last hitting minions and wave management to enhance your farming skills. And if you have any proven methods to improve farming, feel free to share them with us. Good luck on the Fields of Justice!

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