‘Dota 2’s Ame Makes a Stunning Comeback, Captivating All with His Remarkable Gameplay’

Legendary carry player Ame returns from retirement

Ame, a renowned carry player, has made a comeback from retirement. He made a strong impression on the first day of the BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 tournament, catching the attention of Yatoro, one of the recent winners of The International (TI).

Ame’s Xtreme Gaming shines in tournament debut

Ame’s team, Xtreme Gaming, made their tournament debut against BetBoom Team. Despite facing a formidable opponent, the Chinese powerhouse showed no signs of hesitation. Xtreme Gaming exhibited complete dominance in both matches. Ame’s exceptional performance as Naga Siren in the second game left Yatoro astonished.

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