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Virtus Pro Triumphs in Mr. Cat Invitational, Defeating Team Empire

Russian powerhouse Virtus Pro wins Mr. Cat Invitational

Virtus Pro, one of the top teams in the CIS region, emerged victorious in the first Mr. Cat Invitational by defeating their regional rivals Team Empire. This win comes just three weeks after Virtus Pro secured second place in the Kiev Major, solidifying their reputation as the strongest team in the CIS. The Mr. Cat Invitational, organized by joinDOTA and featuring teams from across Europe, also showcased the dominance of the CIS region in Dota 2.

A convincing performance by Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro’s victory in the series against Team Empire seemed inevitable right from the start. In game one, Virtus Pro quickly took control of the game and secured a victory with a remarkable 21-4 kill spread. Game two saw a surprise pick by Team Empire with Meepo, causing Virtus Pro to struggle and ultimately lose the game in under 30 minutes. However, game three saw Virtus Pro make a strong comeback, dominating the laning stage and converting early kills into an insurmountable lead. The game ended with Team Empire tapping out at 27 minutes, declaring Virtus Pro as the champions.

A glimpse into the 7.06 era

The Mr. Cat Invitational marked the first tournament during the 7.06 era of Dota 2. Despite this, the series between Virtus Pro and Team Empire showcased a relatively orthodox metagame. While some heroes like Razor and Dragon Knight made a comeback after a long absence, the drafts in all three games would not have been out of place in the previous patch, 7.05.

Team Empire will have a chance for revenge as they face Virtus Pro in the group stages of DreamLeague Season 7 on Saturday.

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