Valve’s Solution to Avoid Toxic Players in Dota 2 Will Come at a Price

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Valve Introduces New Feature in Dota 2 to Avoid Toxic Players

In 2024, Valve fell short on its promise of events and cosmetics, but they made up for it with a new feature in Patch 7.35d. Now, Dota 2 fans have the option to avoid toxic players, but there’s a catch – they have to pay for it.

Valve Gives Dota 2 Players More Control

Dota 2 players have always dreamt of being able to avoid matches with disruptive players, and now Valve is bringing that dream closer to reality by giving players “more control” over finding suitable matches.

New matchmaking screen in Dota 2 with more information.
Someone will make a Google Sheet that will automatically calculate whether a match is worth accepting, right? Image via Valve

Dota 2 Plus Shows Match Details

With the Dota Plus feature, players will now be able to view details about the match before accepting, such as the skill range of the players and their behavior scores. If any of these details are unfavorable, players can decline the match without any consequences.

Although this feature seems amazing, it also has the potential to disrupt matchmaking. Allowing players this much power could significantly change matchmaking times. To mitigate this risk, Valve will first test this feature in Dota Labs before implementing it fully.

Recently, Dota 2 behavior scores have been a topic of debate in the community, as it is difficult to recover lost points. Some streamers have even been accused of boosting their behavior scores. It remains to be seen how this new matchmaking change will impact players with low behavior points.

One of our Dot Esports writers has tried out the Labs feature and finds it to be a useful tool for players who prioritize quality matches, even if it means longer wait times. However, players who prefer shorter intervals between games may be disappointed by this feature.

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