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Valve to Accelerate Development Process for Dota 2 Heroes and User Experience

Valve Aims to Speed Up Hero Development and Improve User Experience in Dota 2

Valve, the developer of Dota 2, is looking to expedite the hero development process and enhance the overall user experience for players. According to Matthew “Cyborgmatt” Bailey, Director of Operations for Team Secret, Valve expressed these intentions during a recent meeting where they also unveiled next year’s calendar of Major and Minor tournaments.

Valve acknowledged that while the current metagame is in a good place and “in great shape,” the development of new heroes has not progressed as quickly as they would like. They are keen to make improvements in this area.

In addition, Valve recognized that the game’s client needs significant work, particularly in terms of user experience. Although the gameplay itself has seen updates, the client’s UX has remained largely unchanged since the “Reborn” interface overhaul in June 2015. Valve recently hinted at their commitment to improving the user experience with the announcement of a new in-game hero guide system.

More information about these new developments is expected to be released after The International 7 concludes on August 12th.

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