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The Strangest Voting Drive in Esports Has Surpassed All Expectations

Dota 2’s The Summit: An Exciting Competition with a Fun Twist

The Summit is a one-of-a-kind Dota 2 competition that combines thrilling gameplay and quirky antics. It brings together the best teams from around the world to compete for massive prize pools. But it’s also a platform for fun and creativity, featuring blow-up dolls and anime-inspired hairstyles.

The Redemption Vote: A Silly and Exciting Poll

The redemption vote is a poll where Summit Compendium owners get to choose the final qualifier for the tournament. This vote is known for its silliness, and this year is no exception.

Teams and players use memes, gifs, and videos to win over their fans and secure their place in the tournament. Na’Vi was the first to make a bold statement after qualifying for the redemption vote round two:

“The Summit 3 will be legendary! Vote for us and witness the spectacle!”

But Na’Vi wasn’t the only team getting creative. EternalEnvy, a huge manga fan, promised to live the anime dream if Alliance, a Swedish team, is chosen:

“If Alliance gets voted in, I will bleach and dye my hair in true anime style!”

Cloud9, another team in the running, even came up with a catchy slogan to rally their fans:

“Vote [A] for Anime!”

Last year, Saahil “Universe” Arora went to extreme lengths to get Cloud9 into The Summit 2, making his campaign truly outlandish. Now, with round two of the voting underway, we can expect to see even more creative campaigns. Who knows, we might even witness some cross-dressing!

Make sure to cast your vote and be part of this exciting tournament!