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The playoffs for DreamLeague Season 7 will be held in Atlanta

DreamLeague Announces Seventh Season and Changes to Format

DreamLeague, one of the longest-running Dota 2 tournaments, is returning for its seventh season. This time, the playoffs will be held in North America at DreamHack Atlanta from July 21 to 22, marking the first time the tournament is taking place outside of Sweden.

Although the teams participating in the tournament have not been announced yet, it is expected that some of the top Dota 2 rosters from North America will be taking part, considering the location of the playoffs.

The upcoming season will feature both a North American and European division, a format that hasn’t been seen in two years. The online portion of the event will determine one playoff spot for the four North American teams. The remaining three spots at the LAN finals will be awarded to the top teams from the European division, which will consist of eight teams.

Initially, DreamLeague was considered one of the major events in the Dota 2 circuit. However, in recent years, it began to occupy a smaller spot in the overall tournament landscape. As a result, the North American portion of the tournament was removed before the third season. In addition to the competition, DreamLeague will also provide practice areas for teams preparing for the International 7, Dota 2’s flagship event in August.

With the inclusion of a North American division and the tournament’s first final outside of Sweden, the seventh season of DreamLeague is expected to be the biggest and most exciting yet.