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Planet Dog Joins Team Secret as European Representatives for the International 7

Planet Dog Surprises as European Qualifier

In a surprising turn of events, Planet Dog has secured the final slot to the International 7 in Seattle. The team, primarily made up of former players from Prodota, fought their way through the open qualifiers and playoffs of the regional qualifier to claim their spot at the $20 million event.

Impressive Performance in Group Stage

Throughout the group stage of the regional qualifiers, Planet Dog impressed spectators by winning six out of nine games. This strong performance secured them a place in the playoffs.

A Hard-Fought Journey

Despite some early challenges, such as a 2-1 loss to mousesports in the opening series, Planet Dog persevered. In the lower bracket, they faced Singularity and managed a thrilling comeback victory in the third game. With determination and a well-timed pick-off, Planet Dog secured a win and continued their journey.

Grand Final Victory

After defeating Danish Bears in the semifinal, Planet Dog faced off against the favored mousesports in the grand final. Despite being the underdogs, Planet Dog displayed exceptional skill and only dropped a single game throughout the series. They emerged victorious with a score of 3-1, clinching the final slot to the International 7 for Europe.

Joining them will be Team Secret, who secured their spot at the event by winning the qualifier’s group stage.

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