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Loda bids farewell to Dota 2 after an illustrious career

A Legendary Dota 2 Player Retires, Becomes Team Coach

Jonathan “Loda” Berg, a renowned Dota 2 player, has officially retired from professional play. He will continue to be a part of Alliance as the team’s coach.

Loda began his esports career in DotA Allstars, gaining fame as a member of Team_Team, MeetYourMakers, and SK Gaming. He was known as “LordOfDolAmroth” or “L-God” to the community.

After transitioning to Dota 2, Loda joined Singaporean team Zenith and later formed No Tidehunter, which would evolve into Alliance. The team soared to the top tiers of Dota 2, becoming one of the world’s best alongside Na’Vi.

Alliance’s success peaked at The International 3, where they dominated the G-1 Champions League and secured a direct invite to TI3 by winning DreamHack Summer 2013. The grand finals against Na’Vi, which went to a fifth game, is considered one of the greatest Dota 2 games of all time.

In the years following TI3, Loda’s success dwindled, with only four LAN victories. As his teammates retired one by one, he remained the only original member of the TI3 Alliance roster.

Loda ends his career with 20 tournament titles, 801 wins in pro Dota 2, and 774 wins with Alliance alone.

The current Alliance lineup will now feature German players Max “qojqva” as the carry and midlaner. They will be participating in the upcoming TI8 qualifiers.