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IceFrog shakes up hero line-up ahead of The International 8

We’re Almost There: The International 8 Approaches

With just over 15 days left until The International 8, the world championship tournament for Dota 2, excitement is building among fans. And to prepare for the event, IceFrog has made some adjustments to heroes’ attributes and abilities with the latest balance update, Patch 7.19. This is the first patch in over a month and will likely be the version used at TI8 since there are no more premier tournaments before then.

A Nerf for Crystal Maiden and a Buff for Outworld Devourer

An immediate change that stands out from the patch notes is a nerf to Crystal Maiden’s first ability, Crystal Nova. The mana cost for the first two levels of the ability has been increased by 30% and 20% respectively. On the other hand, Outworld Devourer has received a significant buff to his Essence Aura, making it even more desirable for mana-dependent drafts.

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A Balancing Act for Zeus and Pudge

Zeus’ Nimbus ability, his second ultimate with an Aghanim’s Scepter, has had its radius reduced from 500 units to 450. This nerf aims to make it easier for ranged heroes to avoid its effects. Additionally, the cooldown for Pudge’s Meat Hook has been increased from 17 seconds to 27 seconds, making it less spammable in the early game.

Changes to the “Bonus” Hero and Enchanted Mangoes

In other news, the daily “bonus” hero will now only grant one free Enchanted Mango instead of two. Valve made this change to address the imbalance caused by the double Mango bonus.

With these adjustments, players and fans are eagerly anticipating The International 8 and how these changes will impact the tournament.

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