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Dota Plus Summer Update Brings Abundance of Exciting New Features

The New Dota Plus Update: What You Need to Know

The first major update to Dota Plus, the subscription-based service for Dota 2 players, has arrived. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest patch.

Improved In-Game Guides: Valve has made enhancements to Dota Plus’ in-game guides, making them more accurate and helpful for players. The machine-learning algorithm has been fine-tuned to suggest better builds and laning setups.

Hero Trends Page: Dota Plus now has a hero trends page accessible through the client. This page shows the pick rates and win rates of every hero over the last two weeks.

Exclusive Hero Ban Data: Unlike third-party websites, Dota Plus provides data on hero bans through the Steam API, giving players access to valuable information.

New Achievements and Cosmetics: In addition to the metrics and strategy features, Valve has added more achievements and cosmetic items for players to collect. The Summer Terrain skin, which changes the appearance of the map to create a summery atmosphere, is one of the highlights.

Turbo Mode Support: Dota Plus now supports Turbo Mode, a custom game mode that offers a faster-paced experience with reduced experience requirements and increased gold gain. Dota Plus’ machine learning will adapt to the unique metagame of Turbo Mode.

Real-Time Spectating: Players can now spectate their friends’ games without the usual two-minute broadcast delay. However, the spectator mode is limited to the perspective of the player being watched to prevent live relay of enemy team information.


The new Dota Plus update brings a range of improvements and new features for subscribers. From enhanced guides and hero trends to additional achievements and cosmetics, there’s something for every Dota 2 player to enjoy. Check out the patch notes for more details.

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