Dota 2 Community Urgently Urges Valve for a Major Prize Pool Reform at TI 2024

By Declan Duffy 110 Views

Dota 2 Fans Demand Return of Battle Pass or Direct Prize Pool Donations

Last year’s lackluster prize pool for The International has sparked a demand from Dota 2 fans for Valve to bring back a cosmetic-filled battle pass or allow direct donations to support the pro scene. This request was previously available during last year’s tournament but fans are calling for a change.

The Discussion Relaunches on Reddit

A post on the Dota 2 subreddit on March 9 reignited the discussion about the prize pool. A player expressed the desire to “contribute meaningfully” to the pro scene without Valve taking a significant portion of the funds. While Valve kept 75% of the 2023 Compendium, many fans were dissatisfied with the product they received. They hope Valve will take a different approach this year.

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