Dota 2 Introduces Ancient Cosmetic, Dragon’s Hoard Treasure, in Lunar New Year Update

Valve’s Lunar New Year Update for Dota 2 Celebrates the Year of the Dragon

Valve understands the excitement among Dota 2 fans for the next major game update. However, instead of revealing details about the upcoming update, the developers have released a Lunar New Year update focused on dragon-themed cosmetics.

Introducing the Dragon’s Gift

In celebration of the Year of the Dragon, this Lunar New Year update brings a new feature to Dota 2 – the “red enveloped-themed Dragon’s Gift.” This special gift can be found in Dota 2 until March 7. In the spirit of giving, Valve has made it so these gifts can only be given to someone else and cannot be opened by the giver. Only the recipient of the gift can open it and see what’s inside. Additionally, there is also a “traditional” Dragon’s Hoard treasure offering available.

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