Tempo Storm Excluded from E-LEAGUE and ECS Invitations

By Arjun Nair
Tempo Storm Not Invited to E-LEAGUE or ECS

Tempo Storm Snubbed from E-League and ECS Invites

The recent announcement of the invite lists for the E-League and ECS tournaments has left many surprised and disappointed, as Tempo Storm did not receive an invitation. Despite their strong performance at the IEM Katowice X tournament and their success in North American qualifiers, beating top teams like Team Liquid, Cloud9, and Counter Logic Gaming, they were left out. This decision has led Luminosity Gaming’s FalleN to express his frustrations on Twitter.

“Excited for @EL, sad again for not seeing @Tempo_Storm in another big competition. Don’t know what it takes, sure its more than results.”

Invites Based on More Than Skill and Results

In today’s esports landscape, it is not just skill, dedication, or hard work that earns you invitations. Both the E-League and ECS tournaments have specific criteria for their invite lists. The E-League, for example, will be broadcasted on television and all matches will be played offline, similar to Riot’s LCS. The ECS, on the other hand, is sponsored by Twitch, a dominant force in the game streaming industry. With these high-profile tournaments, organizers prioritize inviting teams that will provide exciting and interesting matches for viewers.

However, it is important to note that not every team invited to these tournaments necessarily meets the criteria of being a top-performing team. In the ECS, teams like compLexity and TSM have not shown their worth in previous competitions. TSM, in particular, has only played in the ECS and E-League and has yet to prove themselves in other leagues. Similarly, compLexity has been struggling with roster issues and a poor record in the ESL ESEA Pro League.

Controversial Invitations to E-League

The E-League, too, has seen controversial invites, with some teams being selected despite their recent roster issues and lackluster performances. Gambit Gaming, FlipSid3.ESP, Echo Fox, Renegades, and TSM are all examples of teams that have questionable invites. However, it is believed that these teams were chosen based on their strong presence on social media. Gambit Gaming, Echo Fox, Renegades, and TSM have large fan bases due to their League of Legends teams, while SK Gaming has a successful history in Counter Strike 1.6. FlipSid3, with their consistently strong performances, may be the exception to this trend.

Lurppis, a former 1.6 player turned ENCE manager, has raised suspicions about SK Gaming’s invite to the E-League, suggesting that it may be influenced by the commissioner’s previous employment with the team.

“In fact, ELEAGUE’s commissioner is a former SK employee, which makes that invitation look really sketchy.”

Ultimately, these decisions highlight the business side of esports. As the industry continues to grow, there will be opportunities for financial gain, and organizers may prioritize teams with larger fan bases and potential revenue. Unfortunately, Tempo Storm’s smaller fan base and lack of social media presence may have played a role in their exclusion from these tournaments.

Image: Tempo Storm

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