Team Liquid’s unsuccessful CS2 reconstruction culminates in disappointment as Americas RMR concludes tragically in Mexico.

By Arjun Nair 82 Views

Team Liquid’s Offseason Rebuild Falters Ahead of Counter-Strike 2’s First Major

In a disappointing turn of events, Team Liquid’s efforts to rebuild during the offseason have fallen short, impacting their performance in Counter-Strike 2’s inaugural Major. The international squad, based in North America, stumbled at the final hurdle in the American RMR final today.

Complexity Sweeps Best-of-Three Against Liquid

Despite experiencing a setback in the first map, Complexity managed to secure a clean sweep in the best-of-three series against Liquid. This victory ensures that North America will have representation in Denmark, as the first four spots were claimed by Brazilian teams paiN, Imperial, FURIA, and Legacy. Unfortunately for Liquid, their streak of eight consecutive Major attendances has come to an end.

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