Only one Counter-Strike legend remains from Astralis’ past dynasty after latest departure

By Arjun Nair
Only one Counter-Strike legend remains from Astralis' past dynasty after latest departure

Xyp9x Departs Astralis After Nine Months on Inactive Roster

Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth, a four-time Major champion and renowned clutch player, has officially left Astralis after spending almost nine months on the inactive roster. With his departure, only one member of the legendary core remains within the organization during a difficult period.

A Storied Career at Astralis

Xyp9x, one of the original members of Astralis, was originally transferred to the Astralis academy roster in April 2023. However, he was later benched alongside former teammate and fellow Major winner gla1ve just a few months later. Throughout his time with the team, Xyp9x solidified his reputation as a highly consistent clutch player in the game Counter-Strike, earning him the nickname “clutch minister.” In addition to his four Major victories, he has also been featured four times on the yearly HLTV Top 20 lists.

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