New CSGO Gaming League to be Unveiled by Dvsion eSports

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Dvsion eSports: A New Platform for Competitive Gaming

Dvsion eSports is a new platform that aims to revolutionize the competitive Counter Strike community. Founded by long-time gamers Aaron Sims and Colte Barnhill, Dvsion eSports seeks to provide a safe and friendly environment for its users. Their motto, “Redefining competitive eSports from the ground up,” reflects their ambitious goals.

Ambitious Plans for the Future

Starting in North America and expanding later, Dvsion eSports plans to unveil a new Counter Strike client, currently in closed-beta testing. This desktop client will allow players to participate in scrimmages, pickup games, and league matches while having their stats recorded. Dvsion eSports is also developing an anti-cheat system to create a fair and enjoyable gaming atmosphere. Every detail is being rigorously tested before the public release.

Dvsion eSports will expand its platform to cover other competitive titles such as Call of Duty and StarCraft after evaluating the success of its Counter Strike client.

Meet the Founders: Aaron and Colte

Aaron Sims, originally from Tennessee, has been playing Counter Strike competitively for the past 12 years. He met Colte Barnhill, also from Tennessee, on Counter Strike about 10 years ago. Together, they have decided to create Dvsion eSports.

Colte Barnhill grew up on a farm and started his gaming career on Atari. He transitioned to PC gaming, playing Half Life and eventually Counter Strike competitively. While their focus has shifted to building Dvsion eSports, both Aaron and Colte continue to play Counter Strike for fun.

Building a Community-Oriented Platform

Aaron and Colte were motivated to create Dvsion eSports because they were not satisfied with the state of the game and the declining community size before the release of Counter Strike: Global Offensive in 2012. They envisioned Dvsion eSports as a model for the Counter Strike community, investing time, effort, and money into the venture. The organization now has a team of employees and contractors working towards their goals.

Dvsion eSports will run off of their website, providing players with profiles that include in-game statistics and team information. Through the desktop software, players can participate in matches of their choice, including scrimmages and league matches. An adaptive anti-cheat software will run in the background to ensure fair play. The platform will eventually introduce a competitive league system and LAN events.

Fostering a Positive Community

Cheating is a significant concern in the Counter Strike community. Dvsion eSports is committed to developing the best anti-cheat software and constantly updating it. The community is encouraged to report concerns, which will be handled by a human representative.

Dvsion eSports aims to give back to the community by providing players with the opportunity to earn money and reducing toxicity levels. Colte plans to leverage his background in psychotherapy to create positive interactions. Incentive rewards will be given to active and respectful members of the community. The platform also aims to cultivate skills like designing through their website.

The Future of Dvsion eSports

Currently in beta testing, Dvsion eSports is evaluating its servers, desktop software, and anti-cheat system with the help of users. The platform plans to be in open beta in the next few months. Visit their website,, to sign up and be among the first to try it out!

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