Lack of Confidence: Community Dismisses Copenhagen CS2 Major Champions’ Chances of Winning

By Arjun Nair
Aleksib screaming after winning a round in PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major playoffs.

Unpredictable Victory for Natus Vincere at PGL Copenhagen Major

Over the weekend, esports fans were treated to an exhilarating conclusion of the first CS2 Valve-sponsored event at PGL Copenhagen Major. What unfolded was a surprising victory for Natus Vincere, a team that only a small percentage of fans predicted would win the trophy.

Predicting Winners through Pick’Em

CS2 fans can participate in Pick’Em predictions through the game itself. However, there is also an online version of Pick’Em available at Thousands of fans engaged in the online version, but only a mere 1.35 percent of them successfully predicted NAVI to emerge victorious at PGL Copenhagen Major.

Surprising Predictions and Results

Prior to the event, the odds seemed stacked against Natus Vincere. They were picked by only 40 percent of fans to reach the semifinals, and a mere seven percent of Pick’Em participants believed they would make it to the finals. These predictions, however, were swiftly proven wrong as Natus Vincere demonstrated their skills and secured their place in the ultimate showdown.

Fans Favored Team Spirit and MOUZ

Interestingly, the heavy favorites to win the event were Team Spirit, with more than 70 percent of fans rooting for them. MOUZ also had a significant fan following, with 14.78 percent of fans predicting their victory. Both teams were expected to make it to the final, but their aspirations were ultimately shattered by Natus Vincere’s unexpected triumph. FaZe Clan, the eventual finalist, was chosen by only 4.43 percent of fans to win the tournament and 5.83 percent to reach the final.

Community Sentiments Ahead of the Playoffs

Although these statistics are not directly extracted from CS2’s official Pick’Em, they provide insight into the community’s sentiments leading up to the playoffs. Team Spirit and MOUZ were the popular choices to make it to the final, given their recent success and the anticipation surrounding them. On the other hand, FaZe and NAVI faced adversity, barely qualifying for the playoffs and being placed in the challenging 2-2 bracket of the Elimination Stage.

In conclusion, the PGL Copenhagen Major turned out to be full of surprises, with Natus Vincere defying the odds and emerging as the unexpected champions. The tournament highlighted the unpredictable nature of esports and the importance of keeping an open mind when it comes to predictions. Congratulations to Natus Vincere for their remarkable victory and to all the teams who showcased their talent and dedication throughout the event.

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