FlyQuest Acquires Australian CS2 Roster Following Closure of Former Organization

By Arjun Nair
FlyQuest Acquires Australian CS2 Roster Following Closure of Former Organization

New Home for Australian CS2 Roster: FlyQuest Signs Grayhound Players

Less than a month after the disbandment of their previous organization, the top Australian Counter-Strike 2 team has found a new home with a North American organization. FlyQuest, a prominent competitor in the LCS (League of Legends Championship Series), recently signed the roster that previously competed under the Grayhound banner. The players include dexter, Vexite, Liazz, aliStair, and INS.

New Australian CS2 roster for FlyQuest
A new beginning. Image via FlyQuest

The core members of the Grayhound roster, except for dexter, had been with the organization since September 2022. During their time with Grayhound, they managed to qualify for prestigious events such as the IEM Rio Major and the Paris Major, though their performances in these tournaments were not remarkable. In preparation for the year 2024, the team reacquired dexter after his successful stint with MOUZ and a brief tenure at Fnatic.

However, their hopes of competing in the first CS2 Major at PGL Copenhagen were crushed when they failed to qualify. Shortly after their loss to the Chinese team Lynn Vision at the final RMR (Regional Major Ranking) hurdle, Grayhound Gaming announced their closure. The organization, which had been active for seven years, released a statement on X confirming the end of their journey.

While no official reason was given for their closure, it is assumed that the lack of financial stability played a significant role. Missing out on the Major meant losing out on a substantial portion of sticker capsule revenue, which is particularly crucial for smaller teams. Following the disbandment of Grayhound, team captain dexter released a statement expressing that the players aimed to stay together and find a new organization to represent.

Their aspirations have now materialized with FlyQuest. As a prominent team in the LCS, FlyQuest has consistently achieved success in recent years and participated in Worlds (League of Legends World Championship) in 2020. At the time of writing, FlyQuest’s current League roster is set to compete in the LCS Spring grand finals on March 31 and has already secured a spot at MSI (Mid-Season Invitational) this year. Additionally, FlyQuest also competes in North American women’s CS2 and VALORANT under the FlyQuest Red banner.

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