CS2 map designer offers a sneak peek at a revamped classic map, but completion is still a ways off

By Arjun Nair

FMPONE Teases Cache Remaster for CS2

Veteran Counter-Strike map creator FMPONE has delighted fans with an update on his Cache remaster for CS2 today, with stunning new images showcasing the map’s redesign for the sequel. However, he also warned fans the map will need a little more time in the oven before its official launch.

New Visuals and Design Changes

FMPONE shared screenshots of the ongoing Cache remaster on X (formerly Twitter) in the late evening of May 4. The images show off the classic map in all its glory, especially in the new lighting provided by the upgrade in visuals brought about by CS2. It looks a little different from its previous version with the green mossy exterior from the CS:GO rework cut back, instead bringing about the return of the map’s original beige facade.

Details and Updates

More detail can be seen in the windows leading up Ramp to the A bombsite, while newer and crispier textures have been applied to the bulk of the surfaces on the ground and the facility walls. In the previews shared, there appears to be little change so far in terms of competitive play; however, FMPONE has only really shown off the middle part of the map so far in his previews.

For those who are eager to get into Cache on CS2, you’ll need to hold your horses. FMPONE revealed in a later tweet that it is unlikely we’ll be seeing the map in its entirety until 2025 as the creator focuses on “keeping the quality high.” It may take even more time after its launch before it is added to the game’s map pool—if at all—but to see such a classic make its return in CS2 will be brilliant for its many veteran fans.

Player Reactions and Feedback

“Everything isn’t green, it is already better,” one player said in a Reddit post discussing the preview, pointing to the map’s previous remake in CS:GO, which saw little gameplay change but a visual redesign whereby green overgrowth was spotted on walls and the grounds of Cache. This was a contentious decision at the time; while the map looked visually epic, many criticized the decision as player model visibility was questionable.

It didn’t help that the Cache redesign coincided with the launch of new player models which blended a little too well with the background. “The original map looked so incredibly dull compared to the CS:GO remake and now half of the player base have a visceral traumatic stress episode to the color green on Cache,” another player said.

Potential Return to Competitive Play

We’ve already seen one map redesign ditched from the Active Duty pool of recent, with Overpass binned in favor of another classic in the form of Dust 2 in a recent update. Hence, it’s entirely possible that Cache could very well make an instant return to the official game when its redesign is complete next year.

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