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Competitive CS2 players yearn for the revival of nostalgic maps as the pool loses excitement

CS2 Players Demand Map Pool Changes

Counter-Strike 2 players are expressing their dissatisfaction with the current competitive map pool and are calling for an update. On Reddit, CS2 players have taken to discussing the maps they would like to see return to the game.

Train’s Absence Sparks Discussion

In an April 16 Reddit post, players engaged in a conversation about the state of CS2’s map pool after a user shared an image of an updated Train map from the game’s trailer. The post titled “Where is Train? I’m sick of the current map pool” resonated with many players, igniting a desire for Valve to shake things up.

Various players expressed their sentiments towards the missing Train map. One player nostalgically wrote, “I don’t hate the current map pool but I miss train so much. It’s my second favorite map ever, it’s so good.” Another player chimed in, saying, “I want it back too, but I think it is just nostalgia for me. Cache, though, I really want to see. I was a demon on that map.” Additionally, players voiced their wishes to see Cobblestone return to the map pool.

The Nostalgia Factor

Train, Cache, and Cobblestone hold a special place in the hearts of CS:GO players for a good reason. These maps were part of the competitive map pool for years before being removed at the end of the last decade, with Train being replaced in 2021. The CS2 community often reminisces about these classic maps, especially since Train was teased in the game’s trailers last summer.

A Need for Freshness

Despite the sentimentality surrounding the classic maps, some players argue that being overly nostalgic is not healthy for the game. These players advocate for the addition of new maps to the roster alongside the reintroduction of revamped classic maps. One player emphasized the importance of new maps in Premier mode, stating, “Some people should stop with this old maps obsession. Yes, we need some of the old maps but in Competitive mode or Casual, we need new maps in Premier.”

All in all, regardless of whether Valve decides to add new maps or bring back old favorites, it is evident that the map pool has become stagnant and requires an update. The most recent addition to the competitive map pool was Anubis, which replaced Dust 2 a year and a half ago in November 2022.

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